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Buried Secrets RP - The Vampire Diaries/Originals.

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Buried Secrets RP - The Vampire Diaries/Originals. Empty Buried Secrets RP - The Vampire Diaries/Originals.

Post by BuriedSecrets on Mon May 04, 2015 9:59 pm

Buried Secrets RP - The Vampire Diaries/Originals. The_vampire_diaries___the_originals_by_n0xentra-d70yjs1

Set after the ending of season 5 of The Vampire Diaries and season 1 of The Originals, Buried Secrets takes an alternative path for Mystic Falls. With an Enhanced vampire on the loose, and Elena Gilbert's emotions off, along with Stefan following down in the same route due to the death of Bonnie and Damon, how will the Mystic Falls group deal with the situation? In New Orleans however, war is brewing and the factions are diving in order to conquer the French Quarter for themselves. Marcel leads the vampire army, whilst Jackson leads the Crescent wolves, and a mysterious witch is now leading the coven of witches, how will the Original Family deal with the problems that are intensifying as seconds pass? Many critical roles are still open, ones such as Damon Salvatore, Kai Parker, and Kol Mikaelson. We offer two ways to RP; ones through forum, or chat based if you prefer or want a live action RP. So come join our welcoming community and be a part of the mayhem today!

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