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Phillip Hatter ~ WIP

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Phillip Hatter ~ WIP

Post by Phillip Hatter on Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:34 pm

phillip hatter
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nick names - Hatter. No one ever calls him Phillip. Ever.

age - 27

sexuality - straight

marital status - single

current residence - in The Tea Shop

defining features - has a fondness of hats and is never seen without one

skills and talents - can do a plethora of cool hat tricks, has knowledge about a wide variety of plants and how to care for them, excellent tea maker 



write some stuff about the personality here; at least one good paragraph!


Legend has it that when Hatter was born, he wouldn't stop crying until his daddy gave him his hat, at which point the child soundly fell asleep, the hat gripped firmly in his tiny fist. And so his nickname came about. He never liked his first name anyway. His parents ran a tea shop, providing Wonderland with the finest tea experience they could dream of, and it was destined from day one that Phillip should someday inherit the shop and run it. Hatter loved this idea. As a child he loved helping out in the tea shop. He especially loved the plants his mother grew. His father didn't have much of a green thumb, but his mother could make anything grow with enough love and attention. It fascinated the little boy, though he didn't have enough patience to make anything grow himself.

When the war broke out, the family went into hiding in the Great Library along with hundreds of other families who didn't want to fight. The conditions were terrible, but the alternative was worse. During this time, Hatter met Amelia Rattigan, and a set of twins, Fred and George. The four began to help the Resistance in anyway possible, from patching up wounded soldiers to delivering meals, to reading stories to the children living there in an effort to make them forget about the war and help them feel less frightened. Their friendship earned them the nickname 'The Musketeers from Julianne White's second-in-command (he said it came from a book in the human world), and the name stuck.

As more and more soldiers came back severely wounded or didn't come back at all, the men decided to leave to fight. Hatter wanted to go, but his parents forced him to stay, not wanting their only child to be killed on the battlefield. Several months went by and they got news that Hatter's father had been killed. His mother, try as she might for the sake of her son, couldn't fix her broken heart and passed away a few months later.

His world shattered, Hatter fled. His friends followed him and from then they were on the run. They didn't want to fight. All they wanted was for it to be over. They lost track of time of just how long they spent moving from one empty apartment to the next, trying not to get caught and trying just to survive until the end of the blasted war. Finally they came back to The Tea House. Time had certainly not been kind to it and Hatter put all his efforts into returning it back to its original splendor. Alas, the war had taken a toll on it and try as he might, he couldn't fix it. He turned his attention to making plants grow like his mother had in his youth. He couldn't change things, but he was going to keep her spirit and memory alive.

When the war ended, he opened the shop up again, though Wonderlanders had no real desire for tea after the horrors that they'd witnessed. The new trend became bottled oyster emotions, guaranteed to get rid of the post-depression blues. Hatter found the whole thing rather morbid to begin with, drinking someone else's emotions to get a quick fix. But as the craze went on and his business began dying, he asked to become a distributor. He didn't want to, but the desire to have his family's business flourish and also to help the Resistance by making money off the Hearts and using that money against them was too strong. So here he is, doing trade in drained oyster emotions and playing both sides. He regularly makes trips back down to visit the Rebellion and helps them out by bringing supplies such as medicine and food. He only hopes that he doesn't get caught; he enjoys keeping his head on his shoulders.

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Phillip Hatter
Phillip Hatter

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