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Victoria Heart

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Victoria Heart

Post by Victoria Heart on Mon Apr 27, 2015 11:40 pm

victoria astoria moxxie heart
megan fox | hearts court | ruler of wonderland  

nick names - Victoria really dislikes being called by nicknames. Her husband can get away with calling her Moxxie though. 

age - 32

sexuality - bisexual

marital status - married to Victor Heart

current residence - Isla de Sueños

defining features - is always dressed in some shade of red. She prefers dresses that are low-cut and revealing, skirts that are short, and never ever ever wears trousers. She also has a red top-hat with feathers and a Queen of Hearts playing card that was a gift from Victor, and that she loves wearing from time to time

skills and talents - natural leader and skilled tactician, decent swordswoman, able to wrap subjects around her little finger, skilled at croquet.   



Summed up in three words? Lustful, alluring and very dangerous. She is manipulative and constantly craves power. Everything has to be done exactly as she says, or there will be hell to pay. She detests being bored and expects to be constantly entertained. She's emotional and volatile, especially when she doesn't get her own way. She is incredibly loyal and protective over those that she loves and will do anything for them. However it is very hard to get into that trusted circle as she does not trust easily. On her good days she's cheeky and flirty, with a soft and seductive tone and a smile to match. However some days her demons come out to taunt her and she relives the nightmares of the war, especially the death of her parents and her anguish over the fact that she didn't get a chance to see her son grow up. In such moods she becomes withdrawn, snappy, and if angered she will threaten beheadings and other such gruesome punishment. Only Victor and Veronica are able to placate and calm her when she is like this.


Mewling and grizzling as she came into the world, Victoria was the only child to Queen Elizabeth and King Oscar who were more affectionately known as The Red Queen and the Red King. Elizabeth was sisters with The White Queen, and so the children from both families would often play together. Her childhood was a privileged and leisurely one; she got everything her heart desired and never had to do a day's work unless she wanted to. She became used to living in the lap of luxury; her biggest fear was that it would somehow be taken away from her.

During her teens, Victoria started craving power and control over people. She quickly learnt how to wrap people around her little finger with her charms, and how to manipulate them into doing what she wanted them to. It gave her a powerful rush, and she craved it more and more. She would often daydream about what it would be like to be queen, and unlike most girls who dreamed of their wedding day, she dreamed and planned her perfect coronation. But becoming the new Red Queen wasn't enough for Victoria. She needed complete control, and she knew that she wouldn't have that until she had the Stone of Wonderland, the ring controlling The Looking Glass. The only problem was that the ring belonged to The White Queen.

So Victoria began plotting. Eventually she let Veronica in on her secret plans, but kept it all a secret from Julianne. Though she genuinely cared for the younger White sister, she was wary of sharing her plans with the goody-two-shoes child. When she was 21, Victoria met Victor Heart, a gorgeous duke that she quickly became smitten with. Up until that point the girl had had a plethora of romances, both with males and females, but she tossed them all aside as she couldn't find something that she could imagine being with for the long haul. But Victor was different and the two eventually began courting. After two years together, they got married, and eight months later, premature baby Jack came into the world.

By this point Victoria's lust for power had become insatiable. She was now planning a full-out coup, recruiting anyone she could. All those that opposed her or those that got a bit too power-hungry themselves and began plotting how to take the throne from her, were quietly dealt with. Her mother soon learned of her daughter's plans, but instead of stopping her, joined in, for she had long turned against her sister. She was jealous; how was it fair that her sister got the Stone of Wonderland when she wasn't even the eldest?

Tension was brewing between the two kingdoms. Very soon it all came to a head and all out war began. Those loyal to the White Queen never stood a chance. The Hearts had money, numbers, and a disregard of just how many casualties there were. All that mattered was that she would come out victorious and she didn't care how she'd get there. The only life she cared about except for her own and Victor's, was Jack's and that of her parents, but although she toyed with the idea of sending them away to the human world for their safety, her selfish desire to see her loved ones by her every day won out and she kept them close. She didn't dare dream that any harm could come to them; they were too well-protected.  

Wonderland was turned from a peaceful paradise to a desolate waste, with the war lasting two long bloody years. When her parents and Jack were killed by some soldiers loyal to the White queendom, Victoria broke. For the first time in her life she felt pure and unadulterated rage, and she lost it. The consequences were deadly, at least for the other side. She went on a killing spree, and not only killed her parents' and child's killers, but also the last members of the resistance that were dumb enough not to have gone into hiding.

Not long after, the war came to an end. The Hearts had come out victorious, as they'd always known they would, while members of the other families who had gotten ideas above their station were promptly shot and thrown out through The Looking Glass for the humans to deal with. Construction started on a giant casino, and the Hearts began perfecting a new potion to cure Wonderlanders of their post-war depression. Her mother had once told her as a child that human emotions were much stronger than Wonderlander ones, and so Victoria decided to try harvest the humans, ordering Cottontail to start herding humans into Wonderland via The Looking Glass. Her people were in a depression and she planned to get them out of the gloom by any means. The "oysters", so called because of the precious emotion gems they carried inside of them, were taken to the casino and treated to the times of their lives. Their emotions were harvested, bottled, and sold at a premium. The business venture was an overnight success, and the demand quickly grew. Two years on, the Hearts are continuing with harvesting oysters and business is better than ever. Power had never tasted sweeter.

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Victoria Heart
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Re: Victoria Heart

Post by The Looking Glass on Tue May 05, 2015 1:20 pm

Accepted! Yay for finally finishing her. Added everywhere so go wreck havoc on Wonderland!
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