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The Foundation RPG: AU Star Trek

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The Foundation RPG: AU Star Trek Empty The Foundation RPG: AU Star Trek

Post by jim kirk on Sat May 09, 2015 8:34 am

The Foundation RPG: AU Star Trek Fondationad_by_karaben-d8pntte

Star Trek: The Foundation


It is 1994, four years since the rise of the augment empire across earth, and things have changed dramatically. Most if not all the main inhabited areas are now controlled by augment overlords and ladies, though there is still a fierce and seemingly un-ending rebellion of humans fighting for their freedom.

The rebellion, known consistently as ‘freedom fighters’ or simply ‘rebels’ have by this point been broken into two categories. There are those who seek peace between augment and human kind and then there are those who seek to end the somewhat tyrannical rule of the augments by any means necessary. Despite their side however, both sides are starting to become overwhelmed by the overbearing force of those who rule above them. The augments are winning.

Meanwhile, far in a distant, different future, the Enterprise crew has been embarked upon their five year mission after defeating Khan and righting the balance in their quadrant of the sector once more. It upon their most recent discovery of a space anomaly far from Earth, past both Romulan and Klingon space that their fortune changes for what they would consider the worse. Drawing closer to the anomaly, they soon find themselves being sucked in, their matter distorted as the entire crew was transported across not only several historical time-periods but alternate realties as well.

Unaware of where they are, the Enterprise crew is separated across the planet, dropping in at random intervals to only find out there is no way back from where they came. While Pavel, Hikaru, Nyota and Spock end up stranded in the eastern state of Boston, Jim, Leonard, Carol and Scotty find themselves in a worse position by far.

Teleported into a small, locked and crowded room full of strange people, the four quickly find themselves panicked as a spray of gas surrounds them before everything goes black. As they awoke, surrounded by once alive but now very much dead humans, the door is blasted open wide revealing whom would be known as their saviour: Khan Singh.

Jim and the rest of his group are accompanied back to Khan’s palace. They now face a flurry of questioning in regards to who they are and how they had ended up in what had become glaringly obvious an experimental facility run by fanatic freedom fighters, whom had been experimenting on willing subjects in regards to making a new set of augment fighters for their cause.


If you sign up as one of the needed canons/originals listed below, you will be granted extra goodies (like donuts, gifs and a swanky banner for your character! Just remember to read the information, as some of these characters are augments now!)

Nyota Uhura || Montgomery Scott || Pavel Chekov || Spock || Hikaru Sulu || Carol Marcus || Joachim Tarzei || Simon Zeta || Alexander Lennox

jim kirk

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