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Poison & Wine {Jcink}

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Poison & Wine {Jcink} Empty Poison & Wine {Jcink}

Post by Ess on Tue May 05, 2015 10:47 pm


Poison & Wine {Jcink} 3gZd1ai
// s i t e    i n f o r m a t i o n // r u l e s // c h a r a c t e r    c r e a t i o n // a d v e r t i s e    w i t h    u s //
o u r     p l o t

It's the year 2023, and the world of the Supernatural has finally made it through to the hunters that they aren't all evil. After centuries of fighting, centuries of unnecessary deaths, centuries of bad blood, an accord finally came to pass. In 2020, a treaty was finally signed between the leaders assigned to both factions, and thusfar, that treaty has been mostly upheld. Of course there are always those who break the law, but overall, peace has ruled between all.
Three years ago, the leaders decided it would be most beneficial to the treaty that an Academy be formed. One to not only help the hunters become more accepting, but also to help the Supernatural assimilate better in the human world, giving them a chance at a normal life. The option was also provided that creatures may also become hunters, preparing them to battle those of their kind who still prey on humans.

Despite all the progress made between the humans and Supernatural, in the shadows lurks a rebellion known only through rumours as The Soulless; a group that believes humans are nothing more than food. Slowly, they are growing in number, building their army to strike against those who only want harmony, wanting nothing more than to rip the treaty to shreds.

Whispers have been made in recent times of a plan for the Soulless to hit the Peacekeepers in their most vulnerable spot - Edlund Academy - knowing that it is the heart of their operations; knowing that if the Academy falls, so does the alliance, and the Soulless will be free to burn everything to the ground.

Poison and Wine is an AU Supernatural RP site, with an easy application, a lot of leniency in regards to character creation, plots and word count. Sign up to join Edlund Academy - the school for hunters and creatures alike - and be sorted into the best suited house for your character. Schooling is optional of course, and your character is more than welcome to do whatever it is they like, whether its hunting out in the world, or running rampant across the globe. There are no limits to potential plots here on P&W, you're are welcome to live however you may like! Canons are welcome but not necessary, and creativity is more than just welcome. We are a fun, friendly RP site, and we are simply waiting for you!

Come join us today!


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