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Amelia Rattigan

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Amelia Rattigan

Post by Amelia Rattigan on Wed May 20, 2015 12:24 pm

Amelia Rattigan
Lily Cole | Citizen | Tea Shop Auctioneer  

nick names - Melly

age - Twenty-five

sexuality - Heterosexual

marital status - Single

current residence - The Tea Shop

defining features -A  small poppy flower tattoo on her right shoulder

skills and talents - The gift of gab, triage/first aid, quick and agile, artistic  



Amelia is an odd young woman who tends to live with her head in the clouds. She’s fiercely optimistic, rallying those around her with a vibrant smile and encouraging word- if not spoken in some riddle or quirk- without the necessity of the oyster juice that so many others guzzle down for pick me ups. Suffering from her narcolepsy, she tries to make her waking-hours’ worth living, by never being afraid to try new things or do what she feels is the right thing. Amelia is ruled by her heart rather than her head and because of that is prone to making impulsive decisions that leap straight into action.  When she’s not conked out for one of her unpredictable naps Amelia can be found painting in an attempt to capture her dreams on canvas, or running, jumping and climbing finding exhilaration in physical activities and also making her prone to injuries because she never knows when she’ll fall back asleep. There is a deep seeded fear inside of her though that one of these days she won’t be able to distinguish when she’s awake and when she’s dreaming.  


Arthur and Anneliese Rattigan were scholars, keepers of knowledge and words in The Great Library. When Amelia was first born one could find her swaddled in a bassinet rocking gently back and forth by her mother’s foot as stories were read to her. Great fantasies of faraway places with princesses and dragons, enchanted forests filled with talking trees and somewhere in the chapters- a hero. From newborn babe to toddler then tike she was almost always at her mother’s feet staring with wonder and dreaming of being that daring swordsman or clever thinker. She’d grown up emerged in books and fairy tales ideas often falling asleep to the sound of her mother’s voice or buried deep within the stacks. Her thoughts swirling from reality to the dream world she’d concocted and constantly coming to her parents with a new desire in life. Amelia wanted to be a pirate sailing across the seven seas of this other world in those books, a dancer in a troupe in the city of love, or a lion tamer chair and whip in hand. It wasn’t uncommon for the imaginative girl to act these things out or paint them.

The older she got though, the worse she suffered from fainting spells as they thought in those days. Amelia was believed to be weak and fragile, kept inside the library where a close eye could be kept. The only interactions she got were in the form of those that came to visit, to read. Her parents meant well, over protective as they might have been, but Amelia wanted more out of life. She wanted to explore, to feel the sunshine on her face and smell the flowers fresh in bloom, to dance in the rain and a slew of other things but all she could ever do was dream.

When the coup was struck and the civilians fled for sanctuary from the war, her tiny world was flooded with so many different people that people could have described her as an overly excited puppy. Her social skills limited, what she did have was heart, ingenuity and knowledge from the many books she’d read over the years. Amelia still wanted to be that hero in her stories and in meeting Hatter, Fred and George; she found a niche- delighted with her helping nature dubbing her and her friends “The Musketeers”.  Be it reading stories, dressing wounds, serving meals, or an excellent bedside manner, Amelia finally had something to do with herself other than dream.

Talks with Hatter made her crave more. She wanted to venture out and be a part of the rebellion, to wield a sword and fight for justice, honor, and goodness, but there were other things that she was better suited for. A fond farewell, courage perked up to face her teary-eyed parents, Amelia set off with Hatter to face Wonderland, eventually landing them to his legacy, The Tea Shop. Personal feelings aside, showing signs of unyielding loyalty to her friends, Amelia has been living and working with Hatter auctioning off his products in her uniquely excitable way.

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Amelia Rattigan
Amelia Rattigan

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Re: Amelia Rattigan

Post by The Looking Glass on Wed May 20, 2015 8:43 pm

Accepted and welcome aboard! You've been added everywhere important and are now free to start writing. Extra Ambrosia has also been added to your funds for taking up a canon. If you have any questions, you can catch us around in the regular chatbox or through a private message! Hope you enjoy your time here with us!
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