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Veronica Spade

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Veronica Spade

Post by Veronica Spade on Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:10 pm

Veronica Spade
Amy Acker | Spade Court | Duchess  

nick names - Duchess of the Spades

age - 29 

sexuality - Bisexual

marital status - Married

current residence - Isla de Sueños

defining features - N/A

skills and talents -
Veronica is a master actress, she is able to pretend to be nearly anyone she wants rather convincingly and is skilled at manipulating others to do her bidding. Veronica tends not to be a physical fighter, but she has the training so while she avoids fighting she is rather skilled in it and can be a dangerous opponent.  

Veronica is also a skilled assassin, she does not like fighting but murder is an art to her. If she wants someone dead they almost never see her coming and they always end up dead.



Veronica is a friendly and charming person most of the time, but she can quite easily be angered. Even when she is angry, Veronica tends to maintain a cool and chipper facade while she is the process of plotting your demise. She would even maintain she cheerful demeanour while she is committing murder.

The only time Veronica's cheerful facade is not present is when she is alone. Veronica does not want anyone to see her in her moments of weakness, her moments of regret and remorse over the past. While Veronica really is not affected by killing people, one killing did affect Veronica and has since haunted her mind day and night. Veronica had in the past accidentally murdered her own mother, while she hated the woman, Veronica did not want to kill her own mother.

Veronica maintains a facade of confidence in public, but in private she has rather low self esteem. While Veronica was the eldest child in her family, it was her younger sister whom was the favoured child. Her younger sister was the one whom her parents lavished their attention on, and this made Veronica jealous of her sister and resentful of her parents. Eventually this jealousy and resentment caused to her betray her parents and accidentally kill her mothers while attempting to seize power with a few others.


Veronica Spade, Duchess of the Spade was born to royalty. She was the eldest daughter of The White King and Queen but she never got along with her parents. Veronica resented her parents and was jealous of her sister. Her younger sister was always the favorite child of the family. Veronica was close to her sister at first but int he end her jealousy of the favoritism shown to her sister caused Veronica to despise her sister and the rest of her family.

Veronica was always a close friend of the Red Queen, Victoria Heart and due to the resentment and jealousy she had toward her family, Veronica agreed to help put Victoria into power. During the coup against her parents, Veronica was given the task of apprehending her family and this was when she accidentally killed her own mother. Veronica was in shock when she realized what she had done, she hated her mother but even then did not want her dead. Veronica froze in terror at the realization of what she had done and her father and sister managed to escape before she regained her composure.

Veronica is married to the Duke of Spades, whom in Veronica's honest opinion is a idiot. The Duke spent most of his time getting high or having affairs with others, Veronica honestly does not even know why she puts up with him most of the time. While her husband is being a moron, Veronica handles the day to day affairs of the Spades. She handles the security of the new regime and the assassination of those whom are a threat to the regime.

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Veronica Spade
Veronica Spade

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Re: Veronica Spade

Post by The Looking Glass on Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:41 pm

Accepted! Of course x3 You've been added everywhere important, so go forth and commit lots of assassinations and wreck lots of havoc! Very Happy
The Looking Glass
The Looking Glass

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