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William Wolf || WIP

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William Wolf || WIP

Post by William Wolf on Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:49 pm

William Clinton Wolf
Jeremy Renner | The Rebellion | Rebellion Fighter; Ex-CIA  

nick names - Will; hardly anyone addresses him with his full name these days. He's not a boy anymore, after all.

age - Thirty-four

sexuality - Straight

marital status - Single

current residence - Wonderland

defining features - One of the most notable features here in Wonderland is the oyster tattoo on his arm from when he came through the Looking Glass. He also has this barbed wire tattoo on his left wrist. On the inside of his right wrist, he has the phrase "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul." This tattoo is at the base of his neck on the back, a token to his sister's death in a car accident. He also is almost never without his dagger.

skills and talents - William is sort of a jack of all trades when it comes to combat training. He was trained to be lethal if necessary, and does it pretty damn well. Skilled with all sorts of firearms, from handguns to sniper rifles, Wolf has a well-mastered aim and accuracy. He has also been trained in unarmed defense, hand-to-hand combat, and is readily able to use his dagger as a weapon of choice in a situation where he can't get his hands on a longer-ranged weapon.  



write some stuff about the personality here; at least one good paragraph!


Will grew up in a poor family - raised in a small town in Colorado. His main company as he grew up was his younger sister, Sasha. Their father was the victim of a terrible gambling addiction that stole what the family had originally and kept them scraping to just get by for as long as Will cares to remember. But his mother was a good, strong woman - a fighter, and he fondly remembers her as the glue that kept the family from falling into complete disarray.

In the absence of his father, Will kind of took on the roll as the family's male figure rather young. Despite the pressures and the abstract way of growing up, Will likes to think he had a normal enough childhood. By no means was it glamorous or the greatest one a person could have, but he learned a lot growing up in that household. And, of course, he had his sister.

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William Wolf
William Wolf

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