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Dumas Tweed (Finished!)

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Dumas Tweed (Finished!)

Post by Dumas Tweed on Tue May 05, 2015 3:49 am


nick names - Tweedle Dum

age - 25

sexuality - Bisexual

marital status - Single

current residence - Isla de Sueños

defining features - Although he tries to dress fashionably, Dumas almost always has a smear of dirt on his face or a small twig stuck in his unruly brown curls.

skills and talents - An extremely talented gardener, capable of making any plant flourish, no matter how rare or fragile.  Familiar with a wide variety of riddles and games.



Dumas Tweed possesses a gentle soul that has been permanently damaged by pain and loss. Despite that, he still feels a great tenderness for all living things. It is difficult for him to resist offering comfort or aid to anyone in distress. Naturally curious, he enjoys talking with the people who visit his garden -- although he’ll rarely initiate a conversation due to his shyness. Submissive by nature, Dumas is easily dominated by others. Even when defiance is the correct path, he prefers to keep the peace. In his heart, he knows that what Victoria is doing is wrong, but he still can’t bring himself to openly defy her. Perhaps the voice that he hears in his head, which he attributes to his dead twin, is actually his conscience trying to push him to action.


Dumas and his twin brother Devon were born to two minor members of the Red Court. Being the younger twin (by about fifteen minutes), Dumas grew up idolizing his “older” brother. He constantly imitated Devon’s dress and speech until the twins were nearly indistinguishable. Soon, they could even finish each other’s sentences. Both brothers also shared a love for riddles and games, often inventing their own, which they insisted that other members of the court play with them. It was during this time that they earned the nicknames “Tweedle Dum” and “Tweedle Dee”.

But things changed when the twins reached adolescence.  Dumas became smitten with Victoria Heart after he spotted her strolling through the palace garden.  And although he remained too shy to approach her, he often left bouquets of the most beautiful red roses where he knew she would find them.  Even when Victoria married a handsome duke, who Dumas had absolutely no hope of competing with, his infatuation remained.  Since he knew that Victoria would never return his feelings, Dumas was content to love her from afar.

However, Devon was not so content with the situation. He hated to see his brother pining for someone he would never have.  And even beyond that, he didn’t trust Victoria Heart. The outbreak of war seemed to confirm his worst suspicions. Fearing for their lives, the twin's parents attempted to flee, but they were caught and executed as traitors.  That proved to be the final straw for Devon. Confronting his brother, he insisted that Dumas come with him and join the resistance. But Dumas couldn’t tear himself away from his beloved. After a terrible fight, Devon stormed off without Dumas.

Despite their bitter goodbye, the twins still shared an unbreakable bond, and managed to meet secretly for awhile. Devon kept trying to convince Dumas to join the resistance, while Dumas defended Victoria’s latest atrocities by insisting that she was only doing what needed to be done to end the war as swiftly as possible. Neither managed to shift the other’s opinion. Then Victoria’s parents were murdered by soldiers loyal to the White Queen. To Dumas’s horror, Victoria responded with terrible rage, wiping out most of the remaining rebels -- including Devon.*

Dumas had mourned his parents. But the loss of Devon brought a grief stronger than anything Dumas had ever experienced, and his gentle mind broke under the weight of pain and guilt. Unable to accept his twin’s death, Dumas sometimes believes that Devon is talking with him, and will speak both parts of the conversation himself.

After the war ended, Dumas designed the casino gardens and oversaw their construction. Now he spends most of his time there, tending to the exotic flowers -- as if nourishing their life will somehow atone for all the people he let die during the war.

*Devon was reported dead, but Dumas has never seen a body. So if someone ever decides to play him, we can assume the report was faked.

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Re: Dumas Tweed (Finished!)

Post by The Looking Glass on Tue May 05, 2015 5:16 am

Accepted! We'll add you quickly to everywhere important and that you need to be and you are free to get started! We're happy to have you! Please do not forget to fill out your profile fields and if you have any questions, feel free to catch us around in the chat box or through a private message!
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