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Aaron Jones || WIP

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Aaron Jones || WIP

Post by Aaron Jones on Tue May 05, 2015 1:12 am

Aaron Buchanan Jones
Sebastian Stan | The Spades Court | Assassin  

nicknames - Bucky

age - Twenty-nine

sexuality - Straight

marital status - Single

current residence - Wonderland

defining features - On the inside of his right wrist, he has the standard Spade's Assassin tattoo, but he also has a custom one to match on the inside of his left wrist, which looks like this.

skills and talents - Obviously, as an assassin for the Spades Court, Bucky has his fair share of lethal skills. With experience, practice, and training, he is skilled in up close and personal affairs as well as distanced ones, and he isn't beyond sweet-talking his way into where he needs to be for things.  



Aaron can be whoever he needs to be for the situation, but quite typically, he's a mysterious mix of just another gentleman with a touch of the devil invading the smile he'll flash or the wink he'll offer a pretty lady. He takes his work seriously and usually avoids deep-rooted relationships with others, just because it makes everything easier. No strings attached means he has nothing to worry about when it comes time to do what needs to be done. Plus, it's a little harder for people to judge your character when they don't, per say, actually know you.


freestyle app writing here

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Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones

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