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Ramora Weyr

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Ramora Weyr

Post by Leiella on Thu Aug 13, 2015 6:16 am

Things are not well within Ramora's walls. Over the past few months the Weyr has been plagued by murders and the murderer still runs free. The culprit, the self-proclaimed Chosen One, has a goal to wipe out the Weyr starting with the ‘mutants’, and leave them unable to survive the oncoming threadfall. The Weyr waits in fear. With a wher hatching to begin any day, Ivory Queen Marikath sitting on the sands with a new ivory egg between her paws, and the threat still looming overhead, tension is at breaking point.

Now that winter has arrived, the leaders of the Weyr are trying to prepare a gather to boost morale. However with the Chosen One on the loose, there are whispers that the gather will only provide him with the perfect opportunity to further his goal.

Our Details

    - 11th Pass, Semi Canon: With AIVAS never found, threadfall will begin in just over a turn.
    - Six non-canon dragons and whers for people to impress.
    - An active wher community
    - Open impressions: Golds still impress to women and bronzes to men, but all of our other colors (including our non-canon queen and king) impress to any gender (including transgender and non-binary characters). No sexuality based impressions.
    - Personalized lifemates: Whers and dragons are tailored to the person they’re created for. Every creature comes with a brief appearance, and personality keywords.
    - Variety of Plots: Hatchings and threadfall will be common. Site-wide plots will be planned and hosted on occasion, with players able to create their own plots. If you have a plot suggestion or would like to host one, PM the staff!

In-Character Events

    - Dragon egg touching begins on August 5th.
    - Wher hatching on August 6th. The eggs have already been handed out, but be ready for adoptables!
    - Dragon hatching to begin mid-August. Expect it between August 15th to August 18th. We have a queen egg!
    - A gather to begin after the dragon hatching.
    - The Chosen One is still on the loose.

Out of Character Events

    - We will be having a contest soon for a new queen wherhandler to take on the position of Junior Troopleader with a chance for them to become Troopleader in the future!
    - Several ranks are open for players to create characters for, be sure to check out the availability and the hierarchy tab in our sidebar.

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